Portrait of Romuald, IT consultant at innov’ICTion since 2014

It is with Romuald (a.k.a Romu 😉), IT consultant in Luxembourg, that we are inaugurating this new series of interviews, highlighting the precious members of innov’ICTion! He joined the team in 2014. We had the pleasure of talking with him on various topics. Here is his portrait.

Romuald, as an IT consultant, what is your job, your expertise?

My specialty is information management, business processes and methodology. This is sometimes called organizational and business management consultancy.

If you had to describe your current mission, in a sentence or two?

I have two assignments at the moment, with two different clients.

For the first, an accounting firm headquartered in the Grand Duchy, my goal is to create a real IT department, within this company, made up of 220 people. For the second mission, I am supporting the organization – an international bank specializing in wealth management, based in Luxembourg – in the implementation of a new ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) tool.

In three words, how would you describe your role?

I would say I am a coordinator, facilitator and advisor at the same time!

If you had to talk about innovation to a future candidate looking for an IT consultant job in Luxembourg, what would you say?

innov’ICTion is above all a consultancy company. We are there to provide our knowledge, in the form of advice. This is where our strength lies. Each of the members has their own unique area of ​​expertise, and they are all different. We take advantage of these differences to discuss and thus find how to bring added value to our respective customers.

For example, in my current assignment, I bring my knowledge mainly on the methodological level. However, for the establishment of certain infrastructures, I needed help on several aspects, particularly related to cybersecurity. I was able to discuss this with other team members who were experts in the subject, which resulted in finding the ideal solution for my client.

As a consultant, I think everyone has their own view of information science. The main thing is to know its guidelines and objectives. innov’ICTion helps us reach them through training, guides us in a way.

Let us now turn to the theme of motivation. What makes you wake up in the morning?

For me, it’s about discovering people and talking to them, hearing them and listening to them, understanding their issues and then helping them. I like the idea of ​​service and also that of bringing my stone, to a client who becomes, over time and with growing confidence, a real partner.

I also like discovery in general. In service computing, we are discovering new professions, new organizations constantly, and that is very enriching. We’re not like in the movie « Le jour de la marmotte » (laughs)!

What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

I sincerely enjoyed all the assignments I have been on since joining innov’ICTion, as they were all different and they all went well. I really appreciate it when I meet a former partner again, he remembers me and he tells me “you will have to come back occasionally, that we show you how we have evolved, what we have set up afterwards! “. When you hear that, you say to yourself “I really brought something that has continued to evolve positively” and that is particularly gratifying.

What is your motto?

Always move forward and also each to make a contribution. It reminds me of the legend of the hummingbird, which says that one day it had a big forest fire. All the animals were running away, except this little bird. He took a little water in his beak in the pond, to go and put out the fire. The other animals told him “but you’re crazy, we have to go in the other direction!” And the bird replied, “yes, I know, but I’m doing my part.”

If you had to choose a mentor, an inspiring person, who would that person be?

The Dalai Lama, the quiet force, without violence, to make a difference.

A question about your future now: on what subjects would you like to learn soon?

At the moment, I am on a Lean course, which is one of the pillars of continuous improvement. Then I plan to train myself on something more human-centric, on change management as well as risk management.

Let’s move on to the more personal part, if you don’t mind Romu: what is your favorite site (or app)? Your favorite media?

I would tend to answer… Simply the Météo France website, to look at the weather forecast for the next day (laughs)! There are so many news sources out there today, site, blog, media that I find out all over the place.

Do you have a cultural recommendation?

I really like classic cinema. I could cite Le Jardinier d’Argenteuil, with Jean Gabin, for example.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you like to be?

A head of state. Simply to understand and realize the magnitude of the task. I imagine it must be extremely difficult, having so many decisions to make.

Thanks Romuald! Finally, one last question: what’s your sweet spot?

I’m pretty greedy, I have a lot of cute sins! If I had to choose… I would say… A simple chocolate fondant!

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