New on our website: got better!

Knowing how to question yourself is an essential quality for innovating: after several weeks of reflection, back and forth, discussions, tests… Everything is finally ready. Here are the new features of our company site,!

We had already made major changes in 2019: the new improvements are part of the continuity, in substance, how in form. Our main goal? Promote our know-how and expertise, embodied by the consultants who form innov’ICTion. First, we redesigned the Services page, to give a more representative overview of our different areas of expertise:

  • engineering and software development
  • systems and security,
  • governance and IT organization.

Other major new features: the integration of a page called News, dedicated to our news, but also to that of consulting and the B to B sector in IT, in the Grand Duchy and in general. You will now be able to see or review these articles at a glance, in this section. Finally, the footer has been reworked, to make it clearer and enhance all our partnerships. Everything is of course available in responsive design, to adapt to any type of equipment. What matters for innov’ICTion is to share with all our audiences (customers, partners, professionals aspiring to join us) everything that we can offer them as specialists in a simple and clear manner. In any case, this is what we wanted to convey through all these novelties. So, is the bet successful?

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