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In this digital era, we actively engage in the development of services aimed at supporting companies in a secure and sustainable digital transition, serving all humans. We leverage our technical and organizational expertise for our clients: each organization is unique, with its own needs and objectives, and the approach we propose is equally unique. As a result, we guarantee a high level of quality and satisfaction. Technology is increasingly becoming a core part of production and management. It concerns all members of the organization and its stakeholders. Its purpose should be to provide an advantage for the humans who use it. That’s why we integrate change management into every consultation and proposal we make.


Already 10 years!

Ten years ago, Auban Derreumaux and Yvan Barnabaux came together around a clear vision: to offer consulting services differently, ethically, through a unique consultant experience and a partnership relationship with clients. That’s how innov’ICTion supported projects for both public organizations in Luxembourg and Europe, as well as private entities, across various sectors such as banking, insurance, fintech, transportation, and more.

Enriched by their shared experiences with clients and colleagues, Yvan and Auban have defined a new mission: to help businesses digitize their activities and enhance their resilience, combining innovation and socio-environmental responsibility. Specifically, they address two key challenges: IT security and cybersecurity, and Responsible Digitalization.

Today, with a decade of experience and a strategic positioning, innov’ICTion stands alongside its clients to drive change, guided by its values. Leveraging expertise and a passion for innovation, the company continues to write its story with clients and its employees, offering tailored solutions for their digital transformation.

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  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Sustainable
  • Customizable


  • CIS, ISO 27001, NIST : Cybersecurity
  • : Towards responsible digitalization
  • ITIL, Lean IT, DevOps : IT Service Management
  • Prince2 + Scrum : Agile Project Management


Microsoft, VMWare, Java, Checkpoint, Cisco, Lenovo… We make it a point of honor to maintain our employees at a high level of demanding certification.

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